1. Tijani Haddad, President
  2. Marijana Rebic, Secretary General
  3. Tina Cubrilo, V.P., Croatia
  4. Salah Attia, V.P. , Egypt
  5. Delal Atamdede, V.P. Turkey6. Ludmila Novacka, Slovakia
  6. Plamen Starev, Bulgaria
  7. Stefan Baciu , Romania
  8. Najib Senhadji, Morocco


  1. Jacques Campe, France
  2. Khaled SalahEldin, Egypt
  3. Kamenko Milenkovic, Serbia

The meeting starts at 09:00 a.m.


  1. Message of the President
  2. Report of the Secretary General
    1. Presentations sent by e mail
    2. Short Activity Report 2022
  3. Finance Report
    1. New Account opened in Slovakia
    2. Current Account still opened for 2023
    3. Plan of Audit 2022 in Lyon ( April or May)
    4. Handover of Treasurers in written form
  4. Plan of Activity 2023
    1. Appointment of Sub -Committees
    2. Congress /Board Of Directors Meeting
    3. Young Journalists Academy 2023
    4. Golden Apple 2023
    5. National Association International Fijet Events 2023
  5. Bylaws
    1. Work in Progress
  6. National Associations and Individual Members in Fijet
    1. Status 2023
    2. Decision of late /cash Payment /Registers /NA Obligations
  7. Web site
    1. Proposals and Suggestions received by Adrian and Ivan
  8. Other issues
    1. Various Proposals

Agenda is approved.

AD -1

President welcomes all EC members and invited Fijet Members. It is pointed that this meeting is very important for the current Plan of Fijet Activities and future .
One of the pillars on which this Federation is built is unity, then bad internal and external kind of communication should be a subject of debate at one of the next meetings. National Associations should be a light of the future in promoting, earning money and full activity on national and international level.
He rely on all of members and their work It is only with your cooperation that we can prepare everything in time and in the proper manner at this meeting.

AD -2

a/ Presentation of National Associations Activities 2022
It is stated that all relevant activities and Events were sent by Secretary General by quarters.
b/ Press Books
It is stated that Fijet Events and activities 2022 are, as follows:
Executive Committee, Istanbul
MTF, Malta
Golden Apple, Novi Sad, Serbia
Congress in Egypt
Golden Apple, Izmir, Turkey
ITTF, Solin Croatia
2022 Photo Exhibition „Travel and Emotions“, Slovakia
Marco Polo, Zagreb Croatia
All Reports (links) of published articles are sent to all National Associations by e mail.
All National Associations are asked to send published articles from Fijet Events in order to implement in Press Books.( It is stated that many of Associations have not sent the report of published articles).
Press Books will be printed and delivery to hosts on Congress 2023
c/ SG e mail reports 2022
It is stated that the all relevant activities were performed by Secretary General in written form for 2022.
It is stated that all commitments are fully implemented by SG.
No oral or written remarks.

AD -3

a/ Financial Report 2023
Secretary General presented the Preliminary Fijet Revenue and Costs 2023 (basic and expected according to the Plan of Activity.
Changes will be reported to EC Members by e mail, if it is necessary.
No oral or written remarks.
b/ Announcement of Audit for 2022
c/ Auditors for 2022/2023
d/ Internal Finance

  • Audit, Finance handover of treasurers, bank account access handover, procedures for changing the head of Association address of Fijet in France is determined per week 21-26 April 2022.
  • Auditor Gabriela Tigu is confirmed to make the audit, by Bylaws. Observers : Tijani Haddad, Ludmila Novacka and Marijana Rebic. This is to confirm that the Auditor Nuria Alberti is not able to be on audit.
  • Financial statement per 31 December 2022 and Balance sheet per 2022 will be authorized on Audit Balance Sheet. Audit Statement and Balance sheet will be forward to EC after regular audit.
  • The President explained conditions and procedures of the Bank Account Conditions in France and Slovakia. After an explanation, this is to confirm that the Bank Account will continue to be active in the same Bank in France.
  • Finance handover in between Bernadette Roux Bonnetain and Ludmila Novacka will be organized after the audit in written form
  • Finance CIC Lyonnaise de Banque Handover, giving the electronic access to the Fijet Bank Account to Ludmila Novacka will be signed in the Bank after the audit in the presence of President, Treasurers, Secretary General.
  • The Bank Account FR76 1009 6183 7200 0829 7490 156 will no change. The Address: FIJET (Chez Mme Bernadette Roux ) is changed, as follows: 8 Rue Montesquieu , 38320 Eybens, France.
  • Authority procedures for changing the head of Association address in France is adopted;
  • The President, Tijani Haddad is obligated to sign the after the Audit what will be held in presence of the President, Treasurer, Secretary General, on 22nd of April 2023.
    No oral or written remarks.
    Decision: Financial Report including the tasks are adopted.

AD – 4 Plan of Activity 2023

a/ Report of realized Events and Activities in 2022
It is stated that the Fijet Activity Plan adopted at the EC Meeting, held in Istanbul on 24th of March, 2022 is realized.
No oral or written remarks.
b/ Congress
Report of Congress 2022, Congress Proposal for 2023

  1. Fijet World Congress General Guidelines – to be included in the Agreement with the organizer, as follows:-
    • All participants have to be registered 8 days before the Congress;
    • All participant details including all changes have to be sent to the host organizer 7 days
      before the start of Congress;
    • All changes after deadline will not be accepted;
    • Cancellation after deadline of 7 days will not be refunded;
  2. Fijet Congress 2022
    Tijani Haddad thanks to Salah and Khaled for a wonderful and stimulating Congress after pandemic restrictions. He addresses special thanks to Salah and his family for their generosity in organizing the Fijet Congress and all teams and partners who contributed to this organization.
    Face with different categories of activities and partnership in each phase of conference organization – before, during and after the conference were very hard to make under Fijet budget and participation fees. So, once again a big thanks to Salah and all who contributed to the organization of Congress.

    Marijana Rebic provides important financial report from Fijet Congress 2022, checking all aspects of finance, as follows:
    • Participation fees (Bank Receipts and cash during the Congress)
    • Bank payment to Fijet Egypt Partners in organization
    • Costs ( Hotels, food, transportation, cruise ship, tickets for museums and events, other costs)
    • Other, deductions for Cash Payment directly to Fijet Egypt, annual Fees..

      Earned Revenue ( Bank Payment for Congress and Post tours, Cash : Euros 76.250,00
      Fijet Commission 10% : Euros 7.625,00
      Total Revenue for Egypt : Euros 68.625,00
      Bank Payment to Egyptian Congress Partners : Euros 54,000,00
      Deductions: Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya : Euros 3.845,00
      The rest for Payment- Fijet Egypt : Euros 10.780,00
      Balance sheet is authorized and signed during the Congress.
      • After the Congress unmatched transactions and balances are net adjustments needed to balance the financial statements and are due primarily to not included receipt of payments, hotel rooms costs, cruise ship accommodation, entry tickets, etc. After checking post conference earned revenue and unmatched costs, and balances of Euros 1545,00 have to be included in the Statements of Congress Operations and Changes in Net total. The amount of 1.545,00 have to be paid to Fijet Egypt.
        No oral or written remarks. The Balance sheet with Changes in Net total is accepted.
      • In earned revenue is included Bank payment of 7 missed Morocco participants, because of Visa problems. The revenue in total of Euros 2.765,00 is still on Fijet Account. (Not included in matched transactions). The cancellation was on the day of arrival.
      • Along with hard negotiations, Fijet Egypt had the success with non show participants in hotel and air tickets. Unfortunately Fijet Egypt is charged for cruise ship cabins, entry tickets, transportation, in total non refundable of Euros 1.582,00.
      • This is to confirm that Fijet Egypt have to be refunded for not refundable costs in the total of 1.582,00 Euros. The rest of the revenue in the total of 1.183,00 Euros have to be refunded to Fijet Morocco.
      • After discussion and proposals, Salah Attia approved do not charge 2 additional single rooms for Fijet Morocco Participants in total of 220,00 Euros.
      • Conclusion: Refund for Egypt: 1.362,00 Euros
      • Refund for Morocco: 1.403,00 Euros
        No oral or written remarks. Conclusion is adopted.
  3. Congress Proposal for 2023
    During the congress last year , EC considered 3 possible proposals from Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. After EC members Ludmila Novacka and Stefan Baciu made the explanation, it is stated that no possible proposals are going to be realized in 2023.
    Tijani Haddad and Fijet Tunisia made the proposal for Fijet Congress 2023. After 6 years Tunisia has the vision to develop a sustainable and responsible tourism that revitalizes the country’s interior, and offers new products to be media promoted during the Congress.
    This is to confirm that the 2023 Fijet Congress will be held in Tunisia, in October. Tijani Haddad is asked to send EC members the first announcement including adopted general conditions till the end of April 2023.
  4. Congress Proposal for 2024
    George Papathanasopoulos sent the proposal of Congress 2024 what to be held in Ancient Olympia, Greece for the 70th Anniversary of Fijet.
    Proposal is accepted. George Papathanasopoulos is asked to make the first draft of Congress including all conditions a.s.a.p. The final proposal have to be presented at the Congress 2023.
  5. Mediterranean Tourism Forum planed to be held in Malta, 21-23 November 2023. Fijet Associations from Mediterranean area are invited to be present on Forum, on the theme “Mediterranean Life”. Fijet is asked to have pre-forum panel or workshop. It is decided that Executive Committee Members will participate including MTF Teams from Mediterranean area involved in panel, workshops, presentations. MTF
    offer and Conditions for Fijet will be sent to discuss and make a final decision very soon. Fijet Team for organization Fijet obligations: EC Members from Mediterranean Area.
  6. Board of Directors Meetings 2023
    It is stated that there are not proposals. The next Meeting will be in Tunisia during the Congress.
  7. Golden Apple 2023/ 2024
    Tijani Haddad expresses thanks to Stefan Baciu, Fijet Romania and Simion Giurca, Director of Timisoara promotion for excellent Golden Apple Ceremony held on 24 March, as well as the organization of visit Timisoara. Special thanks to City Mayor who increased the Ceremony. It was a pleasure to attend the ceremony, to be in Timisoara.
    On this occasion the President thanks to Fijet Serbia and Turkey for excellent Golden Apple Ceremonies held in 2022.
    Plamen Starev informs that there is not any additional proposal for 2023.
    It is stated that no one more Golden Apple will be held in 2023.
    Golden Apple proposals for 2024 are accepted:
    Fijet Croatia- Island Korcula
    Fijet Greece- 4 Greek candidates are under decision to be choose one by Fijet Greece
    Tina Cubrilo and George Papathanasopoulos are asked to prepare applications and conditions for the next Board of Directors to be held at Congress.
  8. Fijet Young Journalists Academy 2023
    COLOMBIA – Additional Academy (Spanish language), In charge of Academy : Maria
    Paredes and Fijet Americas;
    Place: Llano Grande; University: La Salle; Dates: 23-29 September 2023
    First Announcement including conditions : 30 April 2023
    Fijet participation for 10 Participants is accepted, in total of maximum Euros 1.750,00
    Fijet National Association Participation: Euros 175,00 per participant
    Travel Package Offer to all National Associations will be sent till 30 April,2023
    No oral or written remarks.
    Conclusion : Fijet Participation: Euros 1.750,00
    TUNISIA– Annual Fijet Young Journalists Academy: Plan to be held at the beginning of September 2023.
    In charge of Academy : Sema Kutlu
    Fijet Participation per Participant: 175,00 Euros
    National Association per Participant: 175,00 Euros
    Fijet Lecturers – Cost for flights : 2-4
    First Announcement : 30 April 2023
    No oral or written remarks.
    Conclusion: FYA are accepted for 2023.
  9. International Events organized by National Associations:
    International Tourism Film Festival, Solin, Croatia 8-12 November 2023
    According to Fijet Croatia proposal, Fijet members nominated for Antonio Conte Award Certificate are as follows):
    FIJET Partners, as follows:
    SIMION GIURCA, Timisoara, Romania
    BRANISLAV KNEZEVIC, Novi Sad, Serbia
    MARCO POLO AWARD CEREMONY 2023, Zagreb, Croatia
    To be held 6-9 December or 13-16 December
    Invitations and Conditions will be published at Congress
    To be held on 22 June 2023 in Plestany
    In Žilina : October 2023
    Calls and Conditions for National Associations : 30 April 2023
    AD Hoc Committees are adopted, as follows:
    • SEMA KUTLU, Chairperson
    • Prof. OLGUN CICEK
    • Prof. PETRA SOMEK
    • Prof. KARIN MIMICA (Gastronomy)
    • STEFAN BACIU, Romania- MAJA ZAGORICNIK, Slovenia
    • NAJIB SENHADJI, Morocco
      To be discussed and proposed at Congress
      Plamen Starev is asked to make proposal till the next Meeting
      Fijet Turkey proposes the appointment of the new one Ad Hoc Committee:
    • Proposal is accepted. Delal Atamdede and Ali Oztufekci are asked to prepare this project and Committee tasks.
  11. National Associations Activity Plan 2023
    Secretary General presented the Activity Plan 2023 received from National Associations, as follows:
    Italy Cist
    Italy Flai
    All National Association Plans are a separate part of the Minutes.

AD – 5 By Laws Revision Process

  • It is stated that:
  • Fijet Bylaws Chronology is presented to EC members.
  • Fijet proposals for revision are distributed to EC
    The procedures for handling the bylaw revision are starting with this meeting.
    The proposition for Election Procedure is determined, as follows:
    a) Election of the members of the Executive Committee
    The candidate should be members of one of Fijet associations and confirmed by the President and the Secretary General of the association. The association must be in order with the annual Fijet financial contributions. The members should be elected by representatives of al Fijet associations participating in the elective congress
    b) Election of FIJET President
    The candidate should be among the elected members of the new Executive Committee and elected by both Members of Executive Committee and the Presidents or the representatives of the National Associations. No oral or written remarks. Conclusion: The procedures for handling the bylaw revision are starting with this meeting, to be adopted the revised Bylaws at Congress.

AD – 6 National Associations and Individual Members in Fijet 2023- Status March 24, 2023
– Financial Statement: 15.460,00 Euros per 21st of March
– Registered Members per 21st of March: 512+ 5 students
– Associations who fulfilled obligations:
– Missing National Associations Payment :

Fijet Egypt Annual Membership in total of Euros 400,00 will be deducted from the
refund from Congress Balance sheet. Salah Attia is asked to organize Arab Country
Meeting to find the same solution of payment : to deduct their Annual Fees from total
refund from Congress Balance sheet.
Extended deadline for membership fees (only for this year) is 30 April 2023. (Because
of technical problems of several Associations
Fijet Lebanon- Due to state restrictions for foreign transactions, Annual membership
will be paid at Congress.
All National Registers of members must be sent to Secretary General till 30 April
ID Cards for all Associations who sent photos till 18th of March are sent.

AD – 7

a- Design and launch of the new one web page
b- Webmaster /Web administrator of Fijet web site

The Importance of a Website for Fijet Success is unquestionable. The Fijet current page is old, with restricted technical conditions. The reason why website looked like this current one is purely because of outsourcing technological and web administration reasons. From the very start, Fijet EC decided to have a new web site, establishing a good connection with
the owner or author of the website which is planning to buy.
There are many great options for using templates or online tools for creating and building websites. Highlighted options are in-the-money. Sometimes options involve risk and are not suitable for our Federation.


  1. Najib Senhadji presented the one options which is adopted to web design trends and potential partners who can make advertising on the page with accordance to commercial conditions. He presented a sketch or blueprint of a web page that shows the structure (but not the detailed design) of basic page elements such, navigation, content, advertising options, technical trends with Twitter, FB, Instagram.
    – A website proposal template also provides Fijet with a reference pages for advertising that you can easily adjust as needed, depending on how much control you want over the pages. Najib Senhadji pointed the various types of advertising that is required for the success of the Fijet and its budget and web site annual costs.
    – It is stated that is not presented the impact of advertising on the budget of federation, as well as the French Law of the possibilities.
    – It is stated that is not presented National Associations lobbing partners in the field of tourism per months or year and estimated impact to advertising, federation budget and control.
  2. Secretary General added two options Fijet received from IT and Communication
    Owners or Professional:
    IVAN DODIG ( Croatia)
    ADRIAN BOIOGLU (Romania)

    The decisions made by Executive Committee are, as follows:
    – Najib Senhadji, Ivan Dodig, Adrian Boioglu, were asked to fill up options with estimated costs (Host, Registration web, Validity of the host), technical equipment, all opportunities and send to Secretary General to submit all options. Deadline: 30th
    April 2023
    – News Letter via web . All EC member are asked to give proposal for the News Letter. Deadline 30th of April 2023.

    According to EC Decision, all options will be submitted and send via SG to all of you by e mail to make a final decision in order to have testing phase until the congress.

AD – 8
Tijani Haddad presented a book about the biography, about his life and the challenges and opportunities he faced throughout his life career across Tunisia, the region and in the global tourism, building his career and tourism future. The book is planned to be published in English
version very soon.

Membership UNWTO
It is stated that is very important to continue affiliated membership in UNWTO
President is asked to ask conditions for renew UNWTO membership,
Closing the meeting at 14:00 p.m.

Marijana Rebic
General Secretary

Approved by the President
Tijani Haddad

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