The topic « Disruptions in the hospitality industry in a post Covid context » was presented by ex-minister of tourism Lahcen Haddad in connection with the Davos Economic Forum, in the international context of tourism with a realistic view of the present and future development. 

He spoke about the current risks that operate around the world. Geo-strategic concerns make it difficult for the world to move towards a vision of a sustainable planet governed by peace, solidarity and encounters, tourism values. He documented the answers to the questions of French, Spanish and other students with concrete examples. 


The topics of the post-covid period were presented by Maria Elena Parades from the US and Abdelazis Rhodanne from Morocco. In connection with medical and health tourism, the Slovak participants reported on the progress in Slovakia, the introduction of the diagnosis of post-covid syndrome into the official classification in the Slovak Republic and the possibility of treatment with payment from the health insurance company.

After the lectures and discussions, we went on a trip again. 


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