Mr. Andrew Agius Muscat
Medterranean Tourism  Forum
Dear  Andrew, dear all

From the beginning we always believed Mediterranean Tourism Forum can, and must , play a key role in achieving a sustainable future for tourism world.

Once again the key role came to fruition, from all the Mediterranean
countries came delegations of senior tourism professionals and diplomats
from every country and culture.

The success of the Mediterranean’s forum was carried out by Andrew Agius
Muscat and his wonderful team including Mona Khalilieh, Tonio Cini with MTF president Tony Zhara and all other team members.

It is gratifying to greet you again to thank you and all your team for all
that you allow Fijet members to experience and learn on MTF where we

Your dreams and its achievements, inspire Fijet members as well as all
participants. We are proud of all of you and happy to contribute in our
media way. Fijet will never stop giving you our media contribution,
because you present the business world in a brilliant, creative and positive

We look forward to see you and your vast knowledge on the subjects for
future events, which redound to the benefit of all of us.

With kind regards,

On behalf of Fijet

Tijani Haddad
World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers

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